Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Butterfly Effect

        I love that movie and today I felt like i was in it.  As I begin teaching Logan new things, cracking eggs into a bowl for an example, my mothers voice comes alive. I dreamt back to the time I was 7 years old standing on a chair watching over my mother's shoulder as she cooked.  "Now... try to be careful to not get ANY shells in the bowl otherwise we have to fish them out," she would say in her sweet voice.
    But then there are moments when I wish her voice would enter in my head and they don't. Little battles arise abruptly between Logan and I and sometimes it's hard to figure out how to handle it correctly.  Mom, where were you on that one?? hehe.  So I wing it and try not show my little munchkin that I may be bluffing and about to burst out laughing any second.  After all, he needs to know I'm the boss, right? So I hold my "I mean it" face as long as I can.
    And I definately meant it while Christmas shopping in Khols today.  But he tried to call my bluff and I grabbed the back of his overalls to pick him off the floor (he apparantly was suffering from spaghetti legs)  I felt the eyes of shoppers on me as i held him like a bag of heavy groceries standing in line.  I couldn't win because he thought it was funny. Well.... so did I. 
    After Logan's naps, he is well-rested and invigorated and loves to be a chatterbox.  He tells me in all seriousness ALL of the stuff he knows.  We name off all the animals we can think of....aunties and uncles and we can't forget about lawn mowers blowers and trimmers.  We go over everything and have a great time conversating.  It is one of the things I cherish each day.
   Then there's little happy Lincoln.  He's not little though.  He's definately filling out and creating more rolls for himself.  "He's got more chins than a chinese phone book"- haha, okay a little joke my dad would say. Lincoln is climbing up on everything and thinks he is hot stuff sticking out his tongue and smiling. He is going to be a tough kid trying being that he survives Logan's hearty hugs and rollovers.
    I'm really not all that great at blogging so sorry if i don't "do it right" but just thought i'd start typing out things I'm going through and things I think about with my boys and one day make a diary/book out of it and give it to them when they have kids.  HA!   If they don't hear my voice while they are teaching their kids they can sure read it.

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